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Click to request any of these items, and come pick it up from the checkout desk once your request has been approved.
Arduino Uno
Your standard Arduino.
Arduino Due
For when you need a little more power than the Uno can provide.
Cypress BLE PSoC Kit
Cypress microcontroller with integrated Bluetooth Low Energy.
Cypress 5LP PSoC
Compact ARM-based Cypress microcontroller.
BeagleBone Black
Single board computer, similar to a Raspberry Pi.
Small form factor single board computer.
Photon Dev Kit
Another small, wifi enabled microcontroller good for IoT.
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
Single board computer useful for embedded Linux applications. Comes with SD card preloaded with Raspbian OS and serial cable for easy setup. See
Arduino MKR Vidor 4000
Arduino with an integrated FPGA for projects requiring lots of computational power for specific tasks.
Pi Camera
Small camera great for doing CV with the Raspberry Pi.
Kinect (for Windows)
Lets you add motion tracking to your hack (must return at the end of the hackathon).

No Checkout Required

Just come to the hardware desk and grab any of these items!
Motor Shield
Shield for powering servos, DC motors, or steppers from your Arduino.
DC motor
Basic DC motor.
Stepper Motor (NEMA-17 Size)
Stepper motor for actuating projects that require precise movements.
High Torque Metal Gear Servo
Servo motor for actuating elements to specific positions.
FTDI cable 3.3v
Useful for programming microcontrollers that lack USB.
Bluetooth USB adapter
In case you need Bluetooth for your computer!
SD card USB adaper
In case you need an SD card reader for your computer!
Bluetooth Breakout
Board for connecting your microcontroller to Bluetooth devices.
NFC Shield
Shield for reading RFID tags from Arduino.
USB - Wifi adapter
Useful for connecting your Raspberry Pi to Wifi.
FTDI cable 5v
Useful for programming microcontrollers that lack USB.
RGB Smart LED Matrix
RGB LED matrix with individually accessible LEDs.
Assorted LEDs
Tons of LEDs in various sizes, shapes, and colors. We also have RGB and IR!
Audio amplifier
Wire this up to a speaker if you'd like your project to play sounds.
Wire this up to an amp to play sounds!
Piezo buzzers
Simply apply a voltage to create a buzzing sound. Perfect for projects that need a simple audio indicator.
OLED display
Small, compact display that interfaces easly with Arduino.
Neopixel Strip
RGB LED strip with individually addressable LEDs.
Neopixel Ring
RGB LED ring with individually addressable LEDs.
Passive Components
AA Battery
1.5V battery for powering your project.
9V Battery
9V battery for powering your project.
9V Battery Snap
Lets you hook up 9 volt batteries to your project.
2xAA Battery Holder
Hook up two AA batteries to your project for a mobile three volt power supply.
4xAA Battery Holder
Hook up four AA batteries to your project for a mobile six volt power supply.
9V 1000mA Power supply (barrel plug)
Provides 9V DC from a wall outlet, featuring an Arduino-compatible barrel jack.
3.3V Voltage Regulator
Regulates a DC voltage input down to 3.3V.
5V 1.5-A, Fixed Linear Regulator
Regulates a DC voltage input down to 5V.
5v Power Supply micro USB
Power supply for Raspberry Pi.
40xF/F Jumpers
Jumper wires perfect for prototyping.
40xF/M jumpers
Jumper wires perfect for prototyping.
40xM/M Jumpers
Jumper wires perfect for prototyping.
Female headers (short and long)
Female headers useful for attaching to breakout boards.
Male header pins
Male header pins useful for attaching to breakout boards.
The best way to prototype your circuits (no soldering required!)
Jumper wire kit (140 pc)
Pre-cut jumper wires that make it convenient to prototype more complicated breadboard circuits.
Alligator clips
Wires useful for prototyping with devices that don't fit our other connectors.
Electrical tape
Sticks things together!
Prototype board for soldered projects.
Water Sensor
Conducitivity-based sensor that can detect water.
Air Quality Sensor
Sensor for measuring air quality.
Alcohol Sensor
Breathalyzer-type sensor. Alcohol not included!
Temp & Humidity Sensor
All-in-one temperature & humidity sensor.
Toggle Switch
Simple on/off switch.
Microphone for making your project detect sound.
Capacitive Touch Sensor
Take input with a simple tap for a classier alternative to a pushbutton.
Breakout board combining multiple motion sensors to give you accurate tilt and motion data.
Breakout board for getting tilt and acceleration data.

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